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Ms. Jakobe and Mr. Mendoza are taken seriously by the State, and there is nothing more serious than being charged with a crime and facing jail time. When you are charged with a crime, you need a lawyer who is respected for years of aggressive representation and successful outcomes in cases.
  • There is only one Frequently Asked Question: What do I need to do?

    Answer: It is not what you need to do, it is what your lawyer needs to do, which is have the ability to immediately analyze and strategize your case in real time while you are sitting in the office. Ms. Jakobe sits down with you and personally crafts the investigation and defenses at the first meeting. At Mendoza/Jakobe Law there is no “worst case scenario” where the client is left in the dark wondering what his or her lawyer is going to do about the case. The facts are assessed and it is immediately determined what needs to be done in order to attack the State’s case and obtain our goal. Our intentions are expressed to the client from the outset and carried through to the end.

Phoenix Drug Crimes Lawyer

Drug offenses are some of the most intricate cases to defend. Not everything is what it appears to be at first blush. For instance, a simple possession case where drugs are found on an individual’s person could be the result of an illegal search and seizure. Or on the other hand, an individual who is caught with a large quantity of drugs for sale should always ask the following questions: how did the government know what I had; how did they know where I would be; and to whom did they know I was selling to? Most often, large quantity drug sales are the result of cooperation of confidential informant, a wiretap, or questionable law enforcement tactics.

Drug crimes include simple possession of controlled substances (marijuana, spice, methamphetamine, bath salts, precursor chemicals, cocaine, heroin, ecstasy, and prescription drugs); possession of drug paraphernalia; trafficking and sales; manufacturing; cultivation of marijuana; wiretaps (electronic use of a wire to discuss or arrange drug deals); conspiracy to commit sales; and money laundering

The partners at Mendoza/Jakobe Law have a combined 36 years of attacking large-scale drug cases. We understand the necessity of obtaining all of the information the government must provide us, and then going after the information the government does not want to provide us. We do not simply rely on the police report. Mendoza/Jakobe Law concentrates on the tiniest of details in the State’s investigation from the affidavit to the search warrant, ferreting out the confidential informant, and thoroughly reviewing how the government obtained the wiretap and listening to all wiretap recordings. It is the painstaking attention to detail that is required on all drug cases.