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Ms. Jakobe and Mr. Mendoza are taken seriously by the State, and there is nothing more serious than being charged with a crime and facing jail time. When you are charged with a crime, you need a lawyer who is respected for years of aggressive representation and successful outcomes in cases.
  • There is only one Frequently Asked Question: What do I need to do?

    Answer: It is not what you need to do, it is what your lawyer needs to do, which is have the ability to immediately analyze and strategize your case in real time while you are sitting in the office. Ms. Jakobe sits down with you and personally crafts the investigation and defenses at the first meeting. At Mendoza/Jakobe Law there is no “worst case scenario” where the client is left in the dark wondering what his or her lawyer is going to do about the case. The facts are assessed and it is immediately determined what needs to be done in order to attack the State’s case and obtain our goal. Our intentions are expressed to the client from the outset and carried through to the end.

Phoenix Sex Crime Lawyers

Being charged with a sexually related offense is one of the most terrifying allegations the government can make against a person – especially when you are innocent. The State immediately begins its case with threats of mandatory prison time and sexual offender registration regardless of how weak its case may be. False accusations happen and they are real. Worsening the situation, the State has even put clients on the news for the sole purpose of shame and embarrassment. Now not only are you affected by these allegations, but so is your family. Ms. Jakobe has been very successful at removing clients from the limelight of the press and aggressively working their cases behind the scene in order to achieve a favorable outcome.

Sex crimes can include any of the following scenarios: having sex with someone who is underage (statutory rape); having sex with someone who was under the influence; inappropriate touching and/or sexual relationships (child molestation and sexual conduct with a minor); sexual exploitation of minors (child pornography); furnishing harmful or obscene materials to minors (adult sex toys and/or pornography); urinating in public; public sexual indecency; voyeurism or exhibitionism; prostitution; and sexual assault.

Due to the serious nature of the allegations and exposure to life-altering consequences, sex crimes allegations require attention to detail, work ethic, and proficiency in the law. It is vital to Ms. Jakobe, both professionally and personally, that she treat every client with dignity and respect in a safe, non-judgmental atmosphere.